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Grow Your Contracting Business

Outsource claim supplement administration and

Save Time
Increase Profits
Grow Your Business

Insurance claim administration is time consuming and tedious

Spend time growing your business, not performing administrative tasks

Start growing your business now!

Get Paid Faster

We’ll navigate the complexities of working with insurance companies so you get paid faster.

Get paid what you deserve

Get paid for all of the work required to do quality restorations. 

Win more business

Spend your valuable time winning more business!

We understand how it feels to be held back by administrative tasks.

At Claim Supplement Advisors, we know you want to grow your business and do the quality exterior and roofing restorations your client’s deserve. Unfortunately, working with insurance providers to correct estimates and issue supplements is time consuming and tedious.  We believe insurance claim administration should not be your primary focus and that’s why we provide estimate writing and comprehensive supplement administration services to help you grow your business.  

Here's how it works:

1. Send Claim Information

Send us the insurance claim estimate and property information along with pictures of any items not accounted for.

2. Claim Supplement Issued

We create a revised Xactimate estimate and work with the insurance company to issue a supplement and payment to the homeowner. 

3. Grow your Business

Use the time and money you’ll save to win more customers!

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